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Kristen Scotti

I am an undergraduate studying biology and materials science. I developed a passionate interest in materials science as a freshman, when I was granted the opportunity to conduct microgravity research on the combustion synthesis of aluminum and silver oxide nanofoams. Aside from my research interests, I enjoy ‘playing science’ with my nine-year old daughter (and any other child who will indulge me); I partnered with Triple Threat Mentoring in 2011 and implemented a STEM after school program serving under-resourced youth in Aurora, IL. I am also the Clinton Global Initiative Campus Representative for Northwestern as well as a regional liaison for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholar’s Association.

The purpose of my current research is to investigate how gravity effects the formation of titanium oxide foams produced through a freeze-casting method. TiO2 foams were solidified on microgravity flights in July (2014) in an effort to enhance the suitability of resulting foams as electrode material in dye-sensitized solar cells. This research was a Clinton Global Initiative University 2014 Commitment to Action and is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center and the Institute of Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN).


Freeze-cast titanium oxide foams in microgravity



e-mail: KristenScotti(

Select Honors

  1. 2012 Jack Kent Cooke Scholar
  2. 2011 NASA Aerospace Scholar



July 23, 2013